Cold Pressed CBD-A extraction equipment

Service and warranty

Canna Oil Press

 Do you warranty your equipment?

Yes. All our equipment comes with a one year warranty against parts breakage. This does not include normal wear and tare, and there is no warranty for parts wearing due to dirt and debris being ran through Canna Oil Press. 

The only parts on the oil press that will normally wear out are the screw, the nozzle, and the crush plate, all of which we have readily available upon request. You can also order extra parts when you purchase your oil press so you can replace them when they wear out without skipping a beat!

What temperature does your Oil Press run at? 

Typical oil temperatures are 95F (35C) to 120F (48C). Certainly within "cold press" maximum requirements of 138F (59C) or less. 

When I run my commodity through the press, is what comes out food grade quality?

Yes!  Canna oil press is made out of stainless steel components, and uses little to no heat and no chemicals (just a large, large amount of pressure). 

This is only true, however, if what you are putting into the press is food grade. If you put a lot of dirty seeds through our oil press, you will in turn get dirty oil and dirty press meal. Also - keep in mind that if you are selling anything for human consumption, you will need the oil press set up in a factory kitchen, which has certain requirements. Check your local codes if you're interested for selling your oil or press meal for human consumption. 


 Cannabis Oil Press CBD-A

Cannabis Oil Press CBD-A