Cold Pressed CBD-A extraction equipment

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Features and Benefits Found Nowhere Else!

Canna Oil Press is one of a kind. Although it may look like other products on the market, the simplicity and strength of our design makes it stand apart from all the others. Below are a list of features you won't find anywhere else!

Cold Press

The Canna Oil Press is a precision cold screw press engineered to mechanically extract 85% to 95% of the available oil within the material while keeping the oil temperature between 90°F (32°C) and 120°F (49°C) during normal operation -- well below the "cold press" requirement of 138°F (59C). Because of the low temperature extraction, the nutrition and chemical stability of the oil and press meal are perfectly preserved.        

Inline Design        

Our Canna Oil Press is mounted onto the gear box, with the VFD mounted to the back of the gear box, making the Oil Press powerful, compact, and easy to use.
         The overall dimensions are 38”/96.5cm long x 11"/28cm wide x 12”/30.5cm high with a weight of 146lbs/66K.

More Efficient

The Canna Oil Press is powered by a 200v to 260v, single-phase or three-phase,   50Hz or 60Hz electric motor. Over a 24 hour period while crushing soybeans, one of the   more difficult commodities to crush, the M70 consumed 21.3KwH. In most   communities this is less than $2 a day to power the press!

Continuous Operation

The Canna Oil Press is engineered to be set up and run continuously 24 hours a day without any other intervention. As long as clean commodity is automatically fed to the Oil Press Company, the machine will run without ceasing.

The Canna Oil Press draws only 4-6 amps under normal operation. Three phase power can also be used to power the press if  available.        

Extracts More Oil

Because it can run 24/7 for months on end, and because our custom made parts are Rockwell 62-64 hardness (as hard as steel can get), our oil press will produce 50 - 70 gallons of oil a day -- that's 1,500 - 2,100 gallons  a month! --with most oilseed crops.


         American Made Quality 

Entirely manufactured and assembled  in U.S.A., our parts are hardened to Rockwell 62 to 64 (diamond is 100), rather than the industry standard chrome-plated cast iron or mild steel. Our press will outlast 10 to 15 of our competitor's parts. In essence, the Canna Oil Press costs less in the long run and requires less overall maintenance, while achieving higher oil extraction efficiency with less power consumption.

Seed/Flower Oil Screw Press

Seed/Flower Oil Screw Press