Cold Pressed CBD-A extraction equipment


 Cold Pressed CBD Equipment 

Cold Pressed CBD-A OIL

Why cold pressed

A new option is emerging for farmers that want to produce a cold Pressed CBD oil thats safe clean and full of natural extraction of CBD  and Cannabinoids. Canna Oil press uses proprietary Cold pressed mechanical equipment and methods. Cold Pressed seed oils retain all their cannabinoids, flavor, aroma, and nutritional value, making these oils great for cooking and skin care requirements. It is important to note that both solvent extracted and cold pressed oils can be used in cosmetics and skin care, but only cold pressed will deliver goodness to the skin and body.


 Our Mission

The mission is to create energy independent, self-sustaining agriculture by providing simple, dependable, revolutionary technology; empowering farmers to become self sustaining. 

Self Sustaining Agriculture

Imagine using your own crops to run your truck and your farm equipment, heat your home in the winter, cook food with and feed all your cattle. With cold presses you can make all this from home,Imagi ne not having to care about rising fuel prices and the cost of feeding your cattle. Imagine having everything you need on your farm to run your farm. 

That's our dream: to create Self Sustaining Agriculture in America and across the globe - Agriculture that's better for the environment and more profitable for the farmer, and just plain makes more sense.

And we're doing it, one farm at a time.

Simple, Dependable, Revolutionary 

Simple: Our equipment is simple, made with as few parts as possible, making maintenance easier and making our equipment more dependable. 

Dependable: Most of our parts are customly manufactured within 30 miles from us from people we trust, and the rest of our parts come from a dependable company in Germany. None of the parts on any of our products come from China. We work directly with our manufacturers to make the strongest parts possible. 

Revolutionary: We produce cutting edge, top of the line equipment that is relevant to today's problems. We don't just sell a good product, but a solution to many of your problems, problems you may not even know you have. Our canna Oil presses are the best Cold press cbd extraction equipment o the market. Cold Pressed CBD equipment is going to be the most viable solution to a food, cosmetic and beverage industry in the coming years. 

Empowering Farmers

Most companies in our field make the biggest profit off maintaining their equipment for their customers. We try to go a different route. We don't want farmers to have to be dependent on anyone - even us. We are more committed to teaching our customers rather than simply fixing their problem. O

Cold Pressed CBD-A Oil

Cold Pressed CBD-A Oil